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Internal Bins

Auweko – Temptation
Ideal for elaborately designed, busy traffic public indoor spaces such as airports, train stations, exhibition halls, stadiums or hospitals. The bins in our Temptation series meet all the required safety standards. The galvanised internal containers can be easily removed and handled for cleaning. These user-friendly models have their apertures at the top to allow for easy disposal of waste. Their linear design especially in the case of the compartmentalised models ensures easy waste separation for the user. The bins can be checked – after opening the top – to gauge the quantity for waste inside. They also offer easy access for changing the plastic bags.
Envirostack –
Slimline, compact and space saving design Capacities – 32ltr or 52ltr Can be stacked up onto each other Strong, durable and lightweight Use individually or in a group
Ecoace –
Available in 41, 52 and 62 litre capacity Suitable for internal use Slimline, compact and space saving design Ideal for low, medium or heavy waste recycling Oval aperture in lid suitable for a number of different waste streams
Bullet Bin
These robust, elegant and versatile models are ideal for single and multi-material collection, available in winning design lines either as free standing or space saving wall units. The different designs offer solution based flexibility with 80 litre capacity singular bins and recycling bins with 2-4 sorting compartments.
Desktop Recycler
Manufactured from 100% recycled material, this compact, personal, desktop unit encourages collection of recyclables for disposal in larger bins while replacing individual waste bins. The desktop recyclers are durable, waterproof and reusable. Specifications: • Height – 142mm • Diameter – 121mm • Width – 306mm • Capacity – 4.5ltr • Available in black as standard • Optional colours – red, yellow, green and blue (minimum order quantity applies)
Ideal for a wide range of internal waste recycling situations, the Envirobin comes in 3 different sizes. It features WRAP compliant, colour coded, apertures and graphics as standard. The Mini Ideal for low yield waste streams. The Midi has a comfortable height for users and cleaning staff. The Envirobin 100 has a wide aperture for larger waste items.
Internal Waste Recycling Station
A 60 litre container with an optional 5 litre inserted container. The lid supports this intuitive use via its special disposal variants and the easy to understand symbol system. Specifications: • Width – 322mm • Depth – 322mm • Height – 698mm
The Meridian was originally designed for universities, and is now part of the furniture in hospitals, schools and businesses. Available in two sizes the Meridian offers a great versatile option for your recycling needs, choose the apertures you require. The slim body profile makes it ideal for placement along corridors and narrow walkways and it also features removable liquid reservoir complete with non-spill moulded funnel.
Novelty Bins
Designed to encourage children to use litter containers, these bins are ideal for child orientated environments such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres and swimming pools. They have been designed to encourage and educate children about the importance of collecting general and recycling waste. Recyclable waste is “fed” into the bin characters shaped mouth, ideal for either internal or external use. The latest range is available in various heights; ideal for children of all ages.
Pin Box
The Pin-box is an innovative container created for indoor use, designed to simplify and effectively help the separation of waste in the right way thanks to its distinguishing waste system. Light, waterproof and practical; the Pin-box is the ideal bin to respect the environment. Specifications: • Capacity – 36ltr, 50ltr or 80ltr • Weight – 1.5kg • Colours – white, black, yellow, blue, grey, green • Made of polyethylene foam
Plastic Pedal Bin
Specifications: • Capacity – 16ltr • Colour – white • Height – 38cm • Width – 28cm • Depth – 30cm • Has a separate inner bin for easy emptying and cleaning
Stelo 7
Stelo 7 vented kitchen caddy has been created to simplify the segregation and collection of food wastes optimising aerated conditions to reduce moisture and unpleasant smells. • Total aeration system of food waste for segregation in optimum conditions. • To be used with compostable liners, a biobag with transpirational properties. • Moisture is reduced through evaporation, depending on liner’s characteristics, avoiding the build up of liquids at the base. • Reduction of unpleasant odour caused by anaerobic bacterial activity. • The daily tasks of food waste segregation are made easy, safe and more hygienic. • Extra wide filling from dinner sized plates or chopping boards. • Minimal footprint for placing on a worktop, inside a cupboard door or under the sink. • Width – 250mm • Depth – 200mm • Height – 205mm • Capacity – 7ltrs
Touch Bin
The name Touch Bin has derived from the way you open, and close the bin, with just one touch on the lid. This is not just extremely easy but also really hygienic. The bin is made from chromium steel, which is both high quality and corrosion resistant, which will make sure the bin will last for a long time.
Transparent bins
This 60 litre recycling bin is designed to collect one waste stream and features a lift-off, sack retaining lid. The transparent body encourages the correct use of the unit by making the waste stream visible. The lid and base are powder coated to match the waste stream and the general waste option is fitted with a galvanised body to hide any unsightly waste. Specifications: • Height – 700mm • Width – 320mm • Depth – 320mm • Weight – 9kg • Capacity – 60ltr
Urba Plus
Urba plus is a space-saving stackable container for the home or office, for pre-sorting wastes. More waste resources can be segregated at source, to improve the recycling rate and the quality of the material recovered. Urba plus bins can be stacked 2 or 3 high in a stable tower, in the space of 1. Filling is easy with the lid flap, utilising the full capacity of each container, without the need to move the bins.