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Waste management Sales, Services & Consultancy.

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Ta’ l-Imriekeb, Ramla Road, Maghtab, Malta


Waste collection service

Using 6 – 16 cu yd skips, open or closed and also custom built for specific wastes. Compactor skips are also available for high volume waste sites. Using wheeled bins from 60 to 1100ltr capacity, standard or colour coded for at source separation of wastes. Compactors and balers on hire and lease basis. Practically any type of waste container including bespoke and specialised containers made to measure for the client’s specific requirements. A comprehensive service including provision of containment, if required, removal, verification of service thrugh service chits and a certificate of disposal, if required.

Hazardous waste service

This service includes analysis, complete transport notification and documentation, including local permits from MEPA, storage, proper handling, packaging, and export of all types of hazardous wastes. Treatment and / or export for treatment, and certification, in conjunction with fully licenced European partner facilities. Assistance in determining the best and most cost effective solution for the waste, offering recovery and disposal solutions in line with EU Directives. Collection and recycling of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), including documentation, transport and certificate of disposal. Certificates according to WEEE directive can also be provided.

Destruction services

Destruction of confidential material, sub standard or expired and/or defective products and materials, done by high volume shredding, or press crushing. Documentation of permits and Certification of destruction for same. Certification for security, stock control, insurance, customs and other purposes..

Clinical waste service

Collection and management of clinical wastes in specialised containers e.g. using sharps bins, yellow bags etc. and with all relative tracking documentation. The company also has partner companies in EU countries that can accept clinical waste, especially cytotoxic waste and cytostatic medicine for high temperature incineration. Required transfer documentation is part of this service. Containment such as sharps bins and other specialised containers can also be provided from stock.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

This includes provision of containment, necessary documentation, transport by ADR trained drivers, dismantling, storage pending export and export for treatment. Certification of treated material.


The consultation services given, range from the pre-building stage of projects to adapt and cater for a tailor made waste management system; to the actual training of staff and the installation of equipment to handle and apply the best waste management practices and options according to the particular waste, site, location, waste stream, volume and frequency. The company specialises in waste management services and offers not only the service but the ‘hand holding’ required in ensuring that the client remains in line with legislation.

  • Environmental Policy

    It is the company policy to promote good environmental practices, firstly because this subject is the very core of the company’s existence and purpose, and secondly for the healthy protection of the environment within and around the company. Green skip’s primary goal is to improve the environment by displaying good work practices, support and commitment, throughout its activities. Environmental practices already established are the re-use of paper, envelopes, containers and boxes in the offices, the purchasing of bio-degradable cleaning materials in bulk and in refill forms throughout the premises. The recycling of toners, inks, and the purchase of all office stationary and equipment, with recycling in mind wherever possible. The continual promotion of these eco-friendly practices within our client list and business associates is an ongoing thing. Within the works area of all our companies, there is an established system, where packaging material is circulated and used over and over again, for storage, exports, and even local deliveries. A specific section is aimed at the re-use of cardboard boxes and wooden crates for the use of house movers. Seeing the money saved, and regular availability of the scheme, most users return these containers for further re-use. The main objective for us is the saving in new resources otherwise bought, if the system was not available. At the company premises, the only water bought is for drinking. A reservoir stores rain water, and when short, secondary water. This is supplied throughout for housekeeping, cleaning, flushing, vehicles and containers cleaning and disinfection, etc... Where possible, filtration is applied for the re-use of water. The management is proud to say that since 1992, all our companies have never been served from the national mains water supply. A future project in the pipeline is the installation of an onsite heat generation small plant to replace the use of air conditioners and electric water heating in winter. Fuel proposed for this plant would be safe combustible material only. These good practices are constantly upgraded, and a keen eye is kept on unnecessary wastages in all departments. It is the duty of all employees to comply with our environmental policy. As a newcomer, one shall immediately get the message as management is religiously faithful with this policy.

  • Consumer Tips – Skip Rental & Services

    Determine the volume of waste you need the skip/bin for and ensure that the company is able to provide you with the size you need Specify the type of skip needed depending on the material to be discarded Always check beforehand if you will need a permit to take action. This usually applies when you wish to have the skip placed on a public site Always enquire about your responsibilities and the environmental policies when renting a skip Keep in mind the accessibility for the vehicle to load/unload the skip; other options are available Engage licensed waste carriers and make sure that there is enough space available for the parking of the skip in order to avoid delays



Environmental Products Sale


From stock, a vast range of waste containers, including wheeled bins, internal and external litter bins. Also specializing in street furniture, and traffic management products. Specialized containers for clinical and hazardous wastes. Check out our latest products in our products page