Green Skip Services Ltd

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Administration Building
Ta’ l-Imriekeb, Ramla Road, Maghtab, Malta

Outside Furniture

We provide a variety of attractive benches and seats which are low maintenance, strong, durable and ergonomically designed. Wooden benches: These heavy duty wooden benches are ideal for parks and outdoor spaces, seamlessly blending in with the natural surroundings. A wide range of traditional and elegant wooden seating solutions which integrate effortlessly into any outdoor open space scheme enhancing and promoting the natural surroundings.
Stainless Steel Benches
Contemporary stainless steel benches and seats which are low maintenance, strong and durable and ergonomically designed. Constructed from high quality rust-free Grade 304 stainless steel. Also available in Grade 316 for waterside applications. All stainless steel benches and seats are supplied in grit satin polish as standard with the option of being supplied brushed or in a bright polish.
Steel benches
UA diverse range of steel benches varies from economy seats to heavy duty anti-vandal benches which are constructed from components that are 100% recyclable. Mild steel benches are durable and can be used in areas of potential vandalism.
Nusser Benches
A strong brand for contemporary and traditional outdoor seating. All are constructed using high quality materials. Our product range can provide comfortable and quality seating in innovative designs.
Recycled plastic
Recycled plastic benches have the visual look of wood but the advantage of plastic. Recycled plastic is used to make a high quality bench that stays attractive and easy to maintain for many years.