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Bin Accessories

2 Wheeled Bin Systems
Due to the improvement of the material formulas, the bin are now created to be even more flexible, and at the same time more stable, their stacking design and therefore shipping options were optimised, the bins became lighter and therefore easier to handle.
4 Wheeled Bin Systems
Compared to the 2-wheeled MGBs, this large product line is quite a bit more complex. There are three bin sizes available: 660, 770 and 1,100 litres. While the first two smaller models can easily pass through a conventional door, the 1,100 litre bin is perfectly designed for the really big tasks, with a maximum filling weight of 440 kg.
MGB Bins Accessories
A number of eatures and accessories can be added to the MGB Sulo bins to make the bins more user-friendly and efficient. All bins can be fitted with a foot pedal to reduce the chances of direct contact with the bin. Special apertures and lids can also be installed according to the type of waste. Locks can also be attached to the lid of the bin to enhance security.
Specifications: • Model – 6 Cu.Yds o Height – 1.22m o Length – 2.6m o Width – 1.52m • Model – 10 Cu.Yds o Height – 1.5m o Length – 3.74m o Width – 1.78m